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Dr. Robert Heller

As a psychologist, sports psychology consultant, USPTA tennis teaching professional, I have been helping athletes of all ages and ability levels to perform at their best in athletics and in life. As a trained therapist, I can help identify and treat personal issues that often interfere with athletes competing at their full potential. As a performance enhancement specialist, I teach key mental and emotional skills that help athletes cope with pressure, manage stress and play more often “in the zone.”

Mental skills training can teach anyone to become and play “mentally tough.” Whether  you are a novice or a professional, mental coaching is very different than working with your team or private coach. By learning simple, yet effective techniques, you can give yourself the opportunity to go from good to great!

Through mental conditioning you can learn to greatly reduce excess worry and negative emotions which interfere with concentration and produce unwanted tension in your muscles. Your mental skills training will help you feel more confident, play more relaxed and increase your chances of playing at your best more of the time.

If you are looking for the “winning edge” in sport and in life, invest in training with an experienced mental coach and sports psychology consultant. My practice is based in Boca Raton, Florida. I also work with many athletes by phone and video-conferenceing through SKYPE.

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