High School Minor Sports in Danger

Monday, May 18th, 2009

With States looking to save money, a number of schools are looking to save money by cutting sports that don’t bring in big bucks. Tennis, wrestling, volleyball, swimming etc. are all example of sports that are “at risk”.

As a psychologist who works with adolescent boys I can tell you that the discipline, teamwork, leadership skills along with physical and mental benefits are among the BEST things many kids receive in high school..

Research indicates that standard PE classes don’t make a dent in the obesity epidemic. Interesting you don’t see many obese male HS athletes! Also kids who learn to care about their body and need to be in top shape are far less likely to pursue drinking and illegal drugs for entertainment purposes.

Far better to channel their energy into sports than to join street gangs and to hang out on corners or malls.

Eliminating these programs is ” penny wise and dollar foolish”. Governments will end up spending much bigger bucks down the road to deal with the problems they will cause.

As individuals we should contact school committees and legislatures to ensure funds are available to keep these programs going.

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