Hypnosis and Self-Improvement

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

I have been using hypnosis with my clients for many years. More recently, I have used it with some of the elite junior tennis clients I work with and have been very pleased with how well they have responded and how quickly the suggestions have transferred to their match play.

The biggest reason for the success is the natural ability of the individual. Within 1 or 2 sessions, I can see how deeply a person gets in the trance (relaxation) phase. If they are highly responsive, I then develop a series of specific suggestions based on their needs and goals, then verbally “feed” them back to the client while they are in the trance. I often record the session and have them practice between sessions.

While no one knows how hypnosis works for sure, it’s a great tool that can accelerate progress in many individuals.  My mental condition CD-ROM, TENNISMIND is based on hypnosis and numerous tennis coaches use it regularly with the students. It’s available on the products portion of my website, www.robertheller.net.

Agassi’s Bombshell

Friday, November 20th, 2009

Andre Agassi’s recent confession that he used illegal drugs while on the professional tennis tour and then lied about it when questioned about it was a real bombshell as was his statement that he hated tennis for most of his life.This, from one of the greatest champions the sport of tennis has even known.

While I am disappointed and shocked by the revelations, I still admire and respect him as a great player, sportsman, ambassador for the game and philanthropist.The lesson for me is no one is perfect and that it’s never to late to share the truth.

Sports psychologists will have a field day on assessing his motivations and timing of it.

What do you think?

Live Longer Through Exercise

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

A study reported in a British Medical Journal looked at males over 50 and found that the most active men, those who did at least 3 hours of sports or workouts per week were estimated to  increase their average life expectancy by 2.3 years.

For many men, (myself included), I know sports and exercise are a great stress reliever and tends to improve my mood.

Other studies have reported the beneficial effects of exercise in reducing depression.

Mind-body medicine supports the idea that a healthy lifestyle can prevent and eliminate some of our major diseases.

To this end, I have produced a number of self help guidebooks that are easy to read and provide useful mind-body solutions to many of life’s common challenges. They are available on my products page.

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