Saturday, December 19th, 2009

What a surprise. The World’s most famous and richest athlete likes sex, variety and beautiful women and had been secretly having multiple affairs. The rich and powerful have had mistresses since the beginning of time. Kings and princes still have harem’s.

Women, for their part like nice things, being treated well and often feel  flattered to be “selected” and enjoy their celebrity status (by association).

The rich and famous are often risk takers and either don’t think they will get caught or feel their influence and power will be able to get them out of any trouble should it arise.

Many men are  (were) probably envious or jealous of Tiger and the line of women wanting to be part of the harem likely forms to the left.

Now that the Tiger is out of the bag, it is not politically correct to support any of his actions or behaviors. It is politically correct to feel bad for his innocent wife and children. So, Tiger will likely pay a heavy price both financially and emotionally for his flings and affairs and not many will feel sorry for him.

Hello world!

Saturday, December 19th, 2009

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Andre Agassi

Friday, December 4th, 2009

Former tennis great Andre Agassi’s new autobiography, “Open” should more appropriately have been titled, “Closed”. Closed is how Andre was for most of his life. Although depressed, confused and conflicted for long periods of time, he apparently suffered silently. As great as his tennis accomplishments were, had he reached out for professional help earlier on, he might have achieved even more on the tennis court and suffered far less in his personal life and psyche. I find it hard to believe that except for his ex-wife, Brooke Shields, none of his inner circle nor family ever pushed him in that direction. Given the stressors on a child prodigy and professional athletes, I believe psychological “training” should be required and is every bit as important as the technical training and physical conditioning athletes undergo.

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