Mental Skills Goes Mainstream

Monday, January 24th, 2011

Psychology for tennis has gone mainstream. At the 2011 Australian Tennis Open, one of the major commercials from a tennis racket company features a tennis player getting upset on the court. Serena Williams plays the role of the sports psychologist! As a couch is rolled onto the court, the upset player lies down and is encouraged to talk about her feelings. Feelings transitions into “feel” which them moves into the theme of the commercial which is selling the racket that has greater feel to it. The player than smiles and comments on how this may give her an unfair advantage and “therapist” Williams assures her that she will get over it. 

Sports psychology has gone mainstream with commentators frequently referring to players nerves, ability to play under pressure, coping with choking and related mental and emotional aspects of competition. 

I personally consult with several tennis academies in Boca Raton, Florida and other academies have “mental coaches” on board as part of their professional staff. 

It won’t be long before sports psychologists are sitting in the boxes at the Majors alongside the player’s coach and fitness trainer! 

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