Match the quote with the tennis champion who said it:

1.Tennis is 90% mental.

2.It’s not whether or not you choke, but when you do how you respond.

3.I never looked back or dwelled on my defeats. I always looked forward.

4.The softer the hands the better the player.

5.The most important point in any tennis match is always- the next one.

A. Martina Navratolova B. Chris Evert C. John McEnroe D. My ip Jimmy Connors E. Andre Agassi

To improve your mental game, reflect on what these quotes really mean and how you might apply them to yourself. Recognize that mental skills, just like physical ones need to be practiced many times in gradually more challenging settings to become natural, automatic and effective. As you develop your “outer game”-strokes, strategy, conditioning, leave time to work on your “inner game” – beliefs, attitudes, body language, thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Answers: 1.D 2.C 3.B 4.A 5.E

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April Braswell

I absolutely LOVE these quotes from tennis player greats. OK, I’m showing my 1970s childhood because I’m knowing all of these players from having watched tennis back in that era.

Thank you for bringing the quotes to our attention.


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