1. WHERE ARE YOU LOCATED? My home office is in central Boca Raton, Florida, next to Lynn University.


  • Licensed psychologist in Florida and Massachusetts.
  • Doctorate – Boston University; Post-doctoral Fellow – Institute for Rational- Emotive therapy
  • Clinical externships in Hypnosis and Behavioral Medicine
  • Diplomate in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
  • Certified school psychologist ( former)
  • Supervisor and Practicum faculty, Albert Ellis Institute
  • Certified Hypnosis Consultant (former)
  • EMDR Level 2 Trainer
  • Certified Fitness Instructor
  • Certified USPTA Tennis Teaching Professional
  • Winner of numerous tennis singles and doubles titles
  • 30 years+ clinical experience

3. DO YOU WORK WITH CLIENTS OF ALL AGES? I work with children as young as eight. Typically, the younger the child, the more I work with the parents  and coaches on helping them to work with their children. I regularly see adolescents, young adults, adults and many seniors.

4. DO YOU PROVIDE GROUP THERAPY? Currently, most of my clients are seen individually. I do provide lectures and workshops to groups of all sizes including teams.

5. DO YOU ACCEPT INSURANCE? I will provide you with a receipt and if appropriate, a diagnosis for you to submit and get reimbursed according to your health plan. Typically HMO’s do not have out of network benefits but you can claim the expense as part of your medical deductions. You cannot use health care benefits for peak performance training. Most insurances do not reimburse for sports psychology services.

6. WHAT ARE YOUR FEES? $175 for the Initial Consultation; $150 for each 45-minute session; $300 for a 90-minute individual session; $1350 for ten (10) 45-minute sessions (paid in full in advance), $2700 for ten 90- minutes sessions (paid in full in advance).

7. HOW OFTEN DO YOU SEE CLIENTS? Usually, once a week to start. Clients can be seen more often or for longer sessions as needed. Intensive sessions are available to those traveling long distances or in town for short periods of time.

8. HOW LONG ARE CLIENTS SEEN FOR? That depends on the type, number and complexity of your goals, your level of motivation and commitment both inside and outside of your sessions. Some clients are seen as few 6-10 sessions, others 10-20 and some longer still. Often as we progress the length of time between sessions is extended allowing you more time to put the skills you have learned into practice.

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