“Dr. Heller helped me to become “loose as a goose” in competition.”

“The explanations of what I needed to do and how to get it done were most helpful. You helped me a great deal. Since I left therapy I am more in control and think more about the consequences of my actions.”

“You were open to the use of many different techniques…always willing to suggest several solutions and to ask me which I liked best.”

“I want you to know how much I appreciate your skills and efforts. My enthusiasm for cognitive-behavioral work continues because of your intervention.”

“Dr.Heller was perfect for me. He is action oriented, forces you to see your senseless feelings and is a great listener.”

“Dr.Heller was helpful in zeroing on issues with suggestions. He maintained a directive role but listened to my needs. I liked his sense of humor and his use of examples of others to which I related to.”

“Helped me change my way of thinking “outside” of the therapy sessions.”

“The counseling was fast and very effective in making my life happier.”

“The relaxation techniques and talking out my problems were very helpful. You seemed to direct me in the right directions quickly with knowledge, compassion and understanding.”

“I liked the methodology for handling my problems. Dr. Heller kept me focused both in the sessions and when I was alone, by giving me exercises to do outside the session.”

“You have given me some excellent ideas on changing my thoughts which I’ll really try to use.”

“Your “performance anxiety” course was a great help”. “It was helpful developing positive concepts and attitudes. Dr. Heller is a strong, positive and humorous person.”

“I have learned to accept myself and others. I can’t believe the change in myself.”

“The practical, realistic and truthful feedback and advice was most helpful.”

“I find myself in situations which formerly would have “freaked me out” and I attribute my new found ease in large part to working with you.”

“I’m more confident and relaxed in handling my problems”.

“You have been a very big help to me. I honestly believe you enjoy helping people and you do it very well.”

“I think Dr. Heller is extremely patient and creative and would highly recommend him to others.”

“I was able to explore areas about myself I had in the past ignored. I am learning to think positive and boost my self-esteem.”

“The hypnosis was wonderfully relaxing.”

“Your feedback and advice was extremely helpful in getting me to a point where I can implement many of the things I learned by working with you.”

“Helped a great deal with issues of anger and resentment.”

“I’m getting along very well, building up my self-esteem tremendously and getting rid of the gloomy, self-defeating patterns of thinking I was indulging in. Thanks for giving me the tools to make my life much happier.”

“I think of you often and wish you could see the progress we have made.”

“I found this type of therapy to be much more beneficial than any other I have tried”.

“The thing I found most helpful about you was the direct way of communicating that I felt helped us get to the core of the issues we were discussing. It cut through a lot of bullshit and helped me to be able to express my feelings… I was very impressed with the way you knew how to refocus on certain issues and problem areas. It also seemed like you knew exactly when to do it.”

“Our work has helped me in many ways… Conflicts are now resolved through listening and talking rather than yelling and screaming… It keeps me calm and rational.”

“I have been following your work within Sport Psychology and it has been a great aid in my development within my studies.— Thank you for inspiring me, a future professional. “J.G. – Britain

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