Here are some commonly asked questions and answers for parents of young athletes who are considering having their child or adolescent work with me:

What is your experience and background in working with children?

I worked as a school psychologist for 8 years and for more than 20 years have regularly seen children and adolescents in both my sports psychology and clinical practices.

What sports do you work with? 

While I see mostly tennis players, I have worked with lots of golfers and individual and team sports including basketball, lacrosse, running, auto racing and related sports. I even worked with a professional dart player!

How early can my child benefit from sports psychology services?

I see children as young as six. The younger the child, the more I typically work with the parents and coaches as well.

Do you accept health insurance?

I do not accept any health insurance and in most cases sports psychology services are not reimbursed by health insurance. Sports psychology services for sports enhancement “ to help a good athlete become a better one”, is never a covered service by health insurance. If a child has a serious enough problem related to anxiety, depression, anger etc., he/or she would receive a “diagnosis”. If you are in a PPO, I can provide you with a bill for YOU to submit to your insurance company and you can get reimbursed according to your health plan. You should be aware that using health insurance creates a psychiatric diagnosis which will follow your child for the rest of his/her life. If you can afford to pay for services on your own, it is usually better to do so.

How long are the sessions and how often and long will they need to be?

Sessions are usually 45 minutes in length and your child is seen once a week initially. You should start to see some progress somewhere between the 6-8th meeting. As progress continues, sessions are shifted to by weekly, monthly, quarterly , etc.

What happens during the first session?

I prefer to meet with the parents for the first session to get their view of the current situation and get background history related to both the sport and problem areas along with and overview of school, family and home life. Depending on the comfort level of the youngster, I would meet with them alone or with a parent for part or all of the next session. I have a number of simple questionnaires they can complete or I can present to them verbally to systematically evaluate their concerns. We then develop goals for what areas they want to work on and improve and I explain some of the tools I might be teaching them to accomplish their goals.

What do you charge?

The initial meeting is $175. Sessions after that, are $150 each.

When are you available? 

I see clients most days from 8-5 M-F, several night until 9 P.M. and if needed, an occasional Saturday appointment.

What’s next?

Call me at 561 451-2731 and talk to me directly for a Free 5-10 minute consultation to see if my services may be right for your youngster.

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