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“Your seminar was very informative and will help in not only coaching juniors but adults also. Lots of times professionals can forget about coaching the mental part of the game which is just as important if not more during competitive play.” Joe D-Aleo, Director of Tennis TOPS Beach and Racquet Resort, Destin, FL.

“Thank-you for your support of USTA Southern tennis. Your articles are very valuable to our website and publications and our membership enjoys your pieces! Thanks again.”

“USPTA has invited Robert Heller to speak at several of our conferences. Attendees have always found his presentations to be extremely informative and his knowledge of Sport Psychology very extensive.

Fred B. Viancos, Director of Professional Development, USPTA

What People are Saying About Dr. Heller’s Peak Performance Tennis Workshops and Clinics:

Thanks Bob, Every one of my members enjoyed your presentation and had a great time. I’m looking forward to seeing you over here again in the near future. Director of Tennis, Tivoli Lakes Tennis Club, Boynton Beach, FL.

“We just wanted to thank you for a great week at La Manga (Spain). Your workshops were really valuable and interesting, and being on court 13 for a week with you was an even greater pleasure.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Peter Peter and Jorgen Hinge, Denmark

“Everyone I spoke with enjoyed the presentation immensely. Many people told me that there were using some of the techniques you spoke about, including the use of the rubber band on the wrist. I believed you touched on everything they needed and some. A lot of the techniques were simple and easy to implement.”   Vernon Gettone, Jr, Head Tennis Professional, Broken Sound Club

“The seminar was tremendous and I have heard nothing but positive comments from the people who attended. In fact, one of the players was able to use some of the tools you gave and this helped her with her match today. She was completely blown away at how well she played.”   Greg Wheaton, Tennis Director, Broken Sound Club

“Dr. Robert Heller’s ‘Mental Fitness for Tennis’ workshop offers up advise for players in just the right dosage.”
Rick Adelman, The Sun Sentinel

“Bob Heller knows more about ‘being in the zone’ than most people. As a tennis player, he has been there a few times himself. As a USPTA professional, he has helped lead his students there.”
Cynthia Thuma, Boca Raton News.

“Your indoor presentation was brilliant. The players are still talking and practicing their Tai Chi exercises and working on their 25 second cures.”
Scott Williams, Director of Tennis, Weston Field Club, CN; author of “Serious Tennis.”

“The on-court part really drives home the points that were made in the classroom and the knowledge becomes deeply ingrained.”
C. Burton, Sunrise, FL

“Rubberband tennis helped me learn how much I really used negative self-talk. ‘After the point’ was awesome.”
Cari M., Ft Lauderdale, FL

TENNISMIND Testimonials:

“Dr. Heller’s Mental Skills for Tennis addresses the role the subconscious plays in successful match play. His approach is practical, thoughtful and highly professional. He provides a clear pathway for removing subconscious barriers that derail so many tennis players.”
Dr. Jim Loehr, World-renowned sports psychologist.

“I have known about the power of the subconscious mind but I didn’t tape into it consistently until I started using Dr. Robert Heller’s TennisMind software. The 7-minute mental training sessions are easy to do and produce results. I used the Developing Unwavering Confidence session for 2 weeks and have noticed a big difference in my confidence before and during matches. My tennis game is getting better and better.”
Frank D. Iowa City, IA

“In the short time since I purchased the TennisMind Software I have experienced almost magical results on the tennis court through applied visualization-and I am only beginning to use the product. In addition I have been very positively impressed by Dr. Heller’s additional email instructions.”
William Beck

“I am a college tennis coach as well as a psychologist. I not only have interacted with the program itself but I have had some of my players listen to relevant sections. We found the material to be soothing, solid and helpful.”
Terry Darling

“The reason I bought TennisMind is simple. I play two racket sports being Tennis and Squash. I practice well for both and have good technical skills in both sports. However, I struggle when playing big competition points, we all do it, hit soft shots when we should have confidence and go for the shot we hit a million times in practice. I have been using TennisMind now for a couple of weeks and can feel an improvement in my mental approach to major points.”
Bruce McEachen Christchurch, New Zealand

“I am a clinical psychologist so was interested in your psychological or subconscious method of improving my tennis, which certainly needed improving. I also gave up smoking many years ago through a very similar method so thought I should have a go. I was deep into our club’s championships and an interclub women’s double league when the cds arrived. I immediately started playing them and was pleasantly surprised to see my tennis improving. I began to win more convincingly and to enjoy the feeling of mastery. The skeptical side of my mind kicks in here, and I have to wonder. Was the improvement just due to getting a lot of practice? I suspect it was the TennisMind cds and the practice. In any event, I am really interested in continuing to use them. They are pleasant and relaxing to listen to, and certainly not a chore. I am looking forward to seeing if I continue to improve, and how far I can go.”
Carol Mathews

“As a sports psychologist who works with tennis players on the pro tour all the way down to the junior, college and recreational ranks, I know Bob Heller as a friend and colleague, and believe his Mental Game software can help lots of people when combined with a solid program of tennis coaching, strength training and mental training!”
Dr. John Murray, Sports Performance Psychologist

Dr. Heller, I finally won a big one, a Super Senior Zonal. I defeated the No.1 seed and one of the top players in the nation. I owe my success to the CD’s, especially the last session, “maintaining concentration and focus.” I was relaxed and focused throughout the match. Thanks for helping me reach this level.”
M.F. Texas

“Dr. Heller’s mental toughness program has proven techniques that is up to date with modern technology. Listening and watching the cd program reminded me of how much we can help kids become better competitors by controlling their mind.”
Andy Gladstone, Director of Competitive Tennis, USA Tennis, Florida

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